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As IT Head, Do You empower your Company’s Pentaho Data Analytics environment, and enable your business users to be less IT dependent and ensure they rely on Pentaho BETTER THAN their traditional excel approach?

If the answer is “No” ...and let’s be honest, the answer is No — you are leaving yourself and your business users to have less confidence in data analytics and fall back to their old approach and be the bottleneck of your company’s growth.

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Support Services provided via support desk model to monitor models and enhance and in parallel for ensuring the availability of solution via incident management, incidents will be classified based on priority and severity and acknowledged and resolved based on agreed SLA’s. Guaranteed high availability and data consistency to rely on analytics solutions implemented for effective decision making.



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Implementation services cover end to end implementation based on the blueprint and plan agreed during consulting.

We enable your enterprise with proper data analytics infrastructure setup covering Pentaho installation with high availability, data warehouse and/or data lake modeling for your enterprise data, building necessary data pipelines with required data security, perform data ingestion, cleansing, historical data load, delta loads, configure schedules using ETL workflows and building necessary visualization to provide insights from the data warehouse for end-users via cubes, reports, and dashboards.

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Consulting services help to drive your organization's growth and decision-making process based on data analytics. Reduce risk and maximize return on investment by providing rapid proof of value solutions to realize benefits.

We will work with you to fit Pentaho in your enterprise and identify gaps if any, you get all the unknowns clarified, know the best practices that ensure a seamless implementation to empower your decision-makers to unleash the full power of business analytics. Our experts help you establish forward-looking, data-driven decision making, throughout your organization.

Data quality report

Solution Blueprint

Proof of value

Visual Storyboard

Pentaho Lab

Cost by phases

Pentaho provides wide range of specialized services

  • Pentaho Market Analysis
  • Big Data Tomato
  • R4R

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Proof Of concept in 4 Weeks

Proof of Value (POV) is defined as "evidence which Demonstrates that pentaho fits the business requirements vice versa". This powerful exercise helps to "educate and influence your business to implement a solution or process".

TenthPlanet offers you with a powerful methodology to make sure you meet your business solution expectations, using creative approach and wide technology expertise with the POV service.

We improve the product with our services on POV for new requirements. Our POV Services are intended to demonstrate the value statements and Return on Investment (ROI) for the proposed project.

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